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I Am! I Can!

The Vision – Helping teen girls to Love themselves.
Far too many of our girls are suffering from low self-esteem, lack of confidence and most of all, lack of identity.

The Goal: To change their vocabulary from “I’m not” to “I AM” and “I can’t to “I CAN!”

As a Certified Christian Life Coach, Concepta works with young girls, inspiring and Empowering them to be all they were created to be.
Through her Music, Coaching Programs, and Speaking Engagements & Workshops, girls are learning to:
– Build self-confidence & self-image
– Love and respect themselves
– Embrace their identities in Christ
– Not be defined by their surroundings or situations
– Wear (dress) their true personalities in spite of peer pressure
With her personal story and experiences in the Entertainment Industry, Concepta relates to the struggles of teen girls. “I see often the darkness around our girls, how they are misled and depressed because they don’t fit the “mold” of what the media defines as “beautiful” or “sexy”. I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be. It took me a while to find myself again but I’m here now and able to help girls and hopefully they wouldn’t need to go through what I endured” ~ Concepta